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Safety Tips

Hiring a bouncy castle, adult bouncy castle, or disco dome provides entertainment and a lot of fun for any event. Safety is always priority.


Here are a few tips to keep everyone safe and happy.


Wind and Rain. Yes, we’ve heard reports of bouncy castles taking flight, too. Yes, it’s scary. We take very careful precautions, however, and keep an eye on the weather forecast. We will never set up inflatables in high wind situations. We also do not charge for cancellations related to the weather. When the weather is safe, bouncy castles are securely fastened to the ground.


Bumps and Bruises. The most common injuries occur from people bumping into each other. To avoid this happening, adult supervision is necessary. There should always be a responsible adult monitoring and regulating the number of persons using the castle at any one time, and assisting when needed. This is the responsibility of the person hiring the inflatable.


Poor Set-Up. We insist on setting up the inflatables for you. We have years of experience in setting up bouncy castles and our staff have been specially trained to safely install and remove inflatables.


Power Failure. Bouncy castles and other inflatables need electricity to stay inflated. They can deflate very quickly in a power failure. While this is unlikely, it is important to be aware that it could happen and to supervise accordingly.


Sticky Moments. With kids around, not much stays clean for long. Little hands covered in sticky sweets or pop spillages can quickly make a bouncy castle quite messy. We recommend keeping wipes on hand so little ones can clean up before entering the bouncy castle.


Following these few precautions will ensure your special event will be memorable.

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