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What We Need

- A normal 240v socket to power the blower.


- A suitable space which should be flat and level, clean and clear of any obstacles which could pose a danger to user’s safety. We prefer to position inflatables Outdoors on Grass or Indoors, please let us know at the time of booking if you’re planning to position outdoors on a hard standing surface. Please call us if you are unsure.


- The size of the space needs to be large enough too! The area dimensions of each of our products for hire can be found under the Required Area tab on each product page. The required area dimensions include space around the inflatables for mats, access, queuing (where relevant), the fan etc.


- A suitable, short access route between where we park as inflatables are generally heavy, so we consider tight access, steps, stairs and long distances between parking and the space difficult. The route should be clear of any obstacles enabling us to smoothly wheel in/out the inflatable on a trolley. You’ll need to provide parking or will be responsible for any parking fines incurred while we unload (if we’re supervising we’ll need parking the whole time we are there). If you have any restrictions, be sure to mention this when booking.


Please note that safety is of paramount importance. The list of requirements is designed to promote safe usage of our equipment and safe, legal working environments for our staff. Our equipment is provided in line with the relevant Safety Standards, Best Practices, Legislation and our Terms of Business.

The company reserves the right to cancel/terminate bookings should we feel those using the equipment and/or our team’s safety could be compromised.



Inflatables come complete with the following:

Electric BlowerExtension CableStakes to SecureSand Bags for indoors & hard surfaceSafety Mats
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